Gangwon Jo (조강원)

Thesis: High Level Synthesis of OpenCL Kernels for FPGAs

Ph.D. February 2020

First job: CTO, ManyCoreSoft

Jungho Park (박정호)

Thesis: Optimizing GPU-accelerated Applications Using Workload Scheduling and Memory Management

Ph.D. February 2020

First job: CEO, ManyCoreSoft

Junghyun Kim (김정현)

Thesis: Techniques for Ease of OpenCL Programming

Ph.D. February 2016

First job: Senior Research Staff Member, Samsung Electronics

Sangmin Seo (서상민)

Thesis: Enhancing Performance Portability of OpenCL for Multicore CPUs

Ph.D. August 2013

First job: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Argonne National Laboratory

Jungwon Kim (김정원)

Thesis: An OpenCL Framework for Heterogeneous Clusters

Ph.D. August 2013

First job: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Choonki Jang (장춘기)

Thesis: Optimization and Management Techniques for Local Memeory Architectures

Ph.D. August 2011

First job: Senior Research Staff Member, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Bernhard Egger

Thesis: Dynamic Scratchpad Memory Management

Ph.D. February 2008

Associate Professor

Seoul National University


Jeesoo Lee (이지수)

Thesis: Memory management technique for deep learning training with GPU

M.S. February 2021

First job: Moreh, Inc.

Dongjin Na (나동진)

Thesis: Techniques to accelerate on-device inference of transformer models using Google Edge TPUs

M.S. February 2021

Samsung Electronics

Jungwook Kim (김정욱)

Thesis: Optimizing ELF Binaries on NUMA Systems

M.S. August 2020

Janghyun Son (손장현)

Thesis: A Semantic Segmentation Network and Synthesis Data Generation for Defects Detection

M.S. February 2020

First job: TmaxSoft

Hyungmo Kim (김형모)

Thesis: Library-level Distributed Processing Method for CNN Training Using GPU Clusters

M.S. February 2020

First job: Hyperconnect

PyeongSeok Oh (오평석)

Thesis: Collective Learning Techniques using Ensembles of Generators and Discriminators for GANs

M.S. August 2019

Youngdong Do (도영동)

Thesis: Performance Characterization of High-Performance Computing Applications

M.S. February 2019

Jiyoung Park (박지영)

Thesis: FPGA Accelerator Design of Deep Reinforcement Learning Model for Playing Atari Games

M.S. February 2018

Moreh, Inc.

Jaeho Shin (신재호)

Thesis: Auto-Optimization of Image Processing Program using OpenCL Through Dynamic Work-load Distribution

M.S. February 2017

First job: SK Hynix

Bojun Seo (서보준)

Thesis: Reducing memory usage by sharing code on V8 JavaScript Engine

M.S. August 2016

First job: LG Electronics

Jinyoung Joo (주진영)

Thesis: Bi-directional Source-to-source Translator Between CUDA and OpenCL

M.S. August 2014

Moreh, Inc.

Seonmyeong Bak (박선명)

Thesis: Lightweight Block-level Concurrent Sweeping for JavaScript Garbage Collection

M.S. August 2014

First job: Ph.D. Student, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Jeongho Nah (나정호)

Completed Ph.D. coursework and left in February 2014

Thesis: Implementation of a Reigster Allocator for a Javascript JIT Compiler

M.S. February 2012

First job: TmaxSoft

Jun Lee (이준)

Completed Ph.D. coursework and left in February 2014

Moreh, Inc.

Honggyu Kim (김홍규)

Completed Ph.D. coursework and left in February 2013

Thesis: Adaptive Execution Techniques of Parallel Programs for SMT Multicore Processors

M.S. February 2010

First job: LG Electronics

Seungkyun Kim (김승균)

Completed Ph.D. coursework and left in May 2012

First job: LG Electronics

Joo Hwan Lee (이주환)

Thesis: Reducing JavaScript Compilation Time by Caching Code in Flash Memory

M.S. August 2011

First job: Ph.D. Student, Georgia Institute of Technology

Eunbyung Park (박은병)

Thesis: Fast and Space-Efficient Virtual Machine Checkpointing

M.S. February 2011

Assistant Professor, Sungkyunkwan University

Jinho Pak (박진호)

Thesis: The Design and Implementation of UI for Architecture Simulator

M.S. February 2010

First job: NCsoft

Posung Chun (전보성)

Thesis: Coherent Distributed Shared Memory Interface for Cell BE Cluster

M.S. February 2009

First job: Tibero

Chihun Kim (김지훈)

Thesis: A Dynamic Code Placement Techniques for Scratchpad Memory using Postpass Optimization

M.S. February 2008

First job: Nexon

Taejun Ha (하태준)

Thesis: An Automatic Memory Subsystem Parameter Detection Program

M.S. February 2008

First job: S-Core

Kwangseob Kim (김광섭)

Thesis: Optimization Techniques for Cycle-Accurate Instruction Set Simulator

M.S. February 2008

First job: LG Electronics

Yoonsung Nam (남윤성)

Thesis: Cycle-Accurate and Fast Simulation Techniques for ARM Processors

M.S. February 2007

First job: Samsung Electronics, Digital Media & Communications division

Jongyoung Lee (이종영)

Thesis: Reducing Execution Time of Memory Test Programs using SIMD Instructions and Caches in 64-bit Computing Environments

M.S. August 2006

First job: Samsung Electronics, Memory division

Seokho Choi (최석호)

Thesis: An Intermediate Representation for Preserving Source Level Information and Optimization

M.S. August 2005

First job: PANTECH

Changhee Jung (정창희)

Thesis: Helper Thread Prefetching for a Loosely-Coupled Multiprocessor System

M.S. February 2005

Associate Professor, Purdue University

Kiwon Kwon (권기원)

Thesis: SNACK-pop: A Postpass Optimizer for Embedded Systems

M.S. February 2005

First job: Qualcomm Korea


Hongjune Kim (김홍준)

September 2020 - June 2021

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Purdue University

Dr. Christophe Dubach

December 2011 - May 2012

Associate Professor, McGill University